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Illustration of a front door.
Illustration of a front door.
Illustration of a front door.

One loan does it all.

From pouring the foundation to the big payoff, an STCU construction loan brings your visions to life.

Lock your rate before you build. When move-in day comes, your loan will automatically convert to a conventional mortgage with the same great rate you had from the start — with no additional fees or paperwork!

  • Pay as little as 10 percent down. If you already own your own land, you can use the value of the land as equity to cover your down payment.
  • Choose from fixed- and adjustable-rate options.
  • Make interest-only loan payments during construction.
  • Available for primary residence or vacation property, building from scratch or buying a manufactured home.

STCU is a local, full-service financial institution you can trust with something as important as your home. Contact the STCU Home Loan team at (800) 858-3750. We'll help you turn your dreams into reality.

Fixed-rate home loans.

Half off origination fee for first-time homebuyers.

Adjustable-rate loans.

Greater buying power at an affordable rate.


FHA, USDA, and VA loans with low to zero down!


Lower your rate, or improve your terms, on an existing home loan.


*Application deposit: No deposit is necessary to get preapproved for an STCU loan until you have selected a property. A $250 application deposit is required on all home loans three business days after you have identified a home to buy and been issued a loan estimate. Although $100 of your deposit will be nonrefundable, STCU applies your deposit to your loan charges due at closing.