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Visit any branch location.

Download the enrollment form for a birthday card each year.

Saving is fun!

Kids Club is free for kids who want to be smart about their money — and experience the fun of saving. Join the fun!

Punch up your savings.

There is no cost to join the STCU Kid's Club. Just a chance to win prizes and make your money grow. Here's how it works:

Each time you deposit $1 or more at any STCU branch location, we punch your Kids Club card. After three, six, and ten punches, you get a prize! Once you've filled up your card, ask for a new one at any branch location and you can start all over again.*

Hint: Double-punch days are the last business day of every month — a.k.a. cookies and teacher's payday. On double-punch days, you'll receive two punches when you deposit $1 or more.

Club requirements.

There are just a few requirements to join and participate in Kids Club:

  • You must be an STCU member 11 or younger to join.
  • You must have your own STCU savings account to receive club membership rewards. (Sorry, but deposits made into a parent or guardian's account do not qualify for rewards.)

Kids Club is about creating money-smart kids who are learning to manage their own money. Sign up today by completing the enrollment form and returning it to any STCU branch location.

Our promise to parents.

Your child's information will not be shared with any third party. Information collected is purely for the use of My Life, My Money Kids Club. And if specified, we will not contact your child about Kids Club events or products.


*One redemption per member. Offer only available in branches, redeeming members must be present.