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Pay off your loan faster!*

Does anyone really want to pay a loan for 30 years? Or to be cash-poor each month because of the cost of your mortgage?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to pay off their existing mortgage by refinancing their home loan at STCU:

  • Save money with a lower rate and monthly payment.
  • Pay off your mortgage faster to get out of debt.
  • Remove the mortgage insurance premium from your monthly payment.
  • Access cash for college, major projects, or an emergency.
  • Consolidate debt at a lower rate with a financial institution you trust.

Refinance options.

See all our refinance loans.
Loan Best for
20/10 fixed-rate1 Homeowners who want to lock in a great rate (based off a 20-year term!) that's good for 10 years — and pay no loan origination fee. Remaining loan balance is due at 10 years. All rates and terms
Conventional fixed-rate Homeowners who want to reduce monthly payments, with a predictable fixed 15-, 20-, or 30-year loan. All rates and terms
Adjustable-rate Homeowners seeking to lock in a low rate now, with a plan to sell or refinance in the future. Choose from a 3-, 5-, 7-, or 10-year adjustable rate mortgage.
FHA and VA Homeowners with an existing government-backed home loan who want to refinance at a better rate or term or to consolidate debt and access home equity. Non-VA loans can also be refinanced into a VA loan for those who qualify!
Jumbo Homeowners with a loan greater than $766,550. Fixed and 5/5 ARM options available with low fees.

Your home loan is unique, so don't hesitate to contact our Home Loans team today for help determining your best option for refinancing. 

All STCU home loans offer:

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*All loans subject to approval, including a credit check.*

1 Here's how the 20/10 fixed-rate loan works. It's a 10-year fixed-rate home loan with a balloon payment. That means it allows for the amortization of payments over a 20-year period with the balance due at the end of the 10-year term. This is a one-time offer per borrower and is limited to primary residence home loans in Washington, Idaho, or Oregon, with 25% or more equity, and not currently financed by STCU. Not available for investment, condo, second homes, or manufactured homes. Contact the STCU Home Loan team to see if you qualify. All rates and terms.