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Kids at Money Live
Kids at Money Live
Kids at Money Live
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Educators, for more information about bringing Money Live to your school, contact us at

What is Money Live?

Money Live is a real-life, hands-on simulation designed for middle and high school students.

For middle schoolers, we cover topics such as decision-making, needs v. wants, time management, part-time jobs, and more. For high schoolers, we put students in the shoes of parents, forcing them to make long-term choices about housing, food, childcare, insurance, auto buying and more.

STCU facilitators provide each student with a profile of their potential life ten years from now. Who will you be? Pilot, web developer, physical therapist? Then each student must make choices — and learn what your choices are going to cost you.

Students will appreciate Mom and Dad just a little bit more. Educators will appreciate students exploring the real cost of living.

Money Live can be requested by educators to be brought into your school. Please email for more information.