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An illustration of a milk carton.
An illustration of a milk carton.
An illustration of a milk carton.

Easy access, no fees.

STCU checking accounts are a secure and convenient way to manage your money, with 24-hour access and free debit cards.

Use your checks to make payments, to buy stuff at stores, or to pay someone directly. (Think yard sale! Or a local shop that won't take cards.)

Free checking means no service or "per check" fees, no matter your account balance or number of transactions. Plus, you get...

  • Free online banking.
  • Free debit card.
  • 24-hour online, mobile, or ATM access. 
  • Online account history archive.
  • Free box of checks for seniors! (Must be 55+ with direct deposit of your Social Security, pension, or other regular payments.)
  • Free second checking account. If needed, you can manage separate funds (great for couples!) or designate as your online or debit card shopping fund to reduce exposure to fraud.  

Questions about checking? We have answers.


*No minimum balance to open an STCU checking account.