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Illustration of money being managed
Illustration of money being managed
Illustration of money being managed

Optimize your cash flow.

STCU's cash management services are the perfect solution for optimizing cash flow and streamlining operations.

ACH services.

  • Direct deposit — Simplify your bookkeeping, save money, and increase employee satisfaction with Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit.
  • Payments — Collect recurring payments quickly and efficiently, while offering additional payment options to your customers when you use STCU's electronic payment service.

Remote deposit.

With a desktop scanner and secure internet connection, you can deposit checks on your schedule without having to leave the office. Eliminate frequent trips to the STCU branch, while boosting your cash flow and productivity.

Merchant services.

Increase sales with merchant processing by accepting credit cards for sales by phone, online, on the road, or at your place of business. STCU merchant services lets you collect payments 24/7 quickly and easily, using terminals, smartphones, computers, or tablets.


Move excess funds automatically each business day from primary checking to money market and/or loan accounts to maximize your earned dividends or to reduce interest expense. Funds can also move back into your checking account, as needed, to avoid service fees and to protect your account from overdrafts.

Federal tax payments.

Make deadlines and improve efficiency by enrolling in the free Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. Visit the EFTPS website to enroll with your employer identification number (EIN), your STCU account number, and the STCU Routing Transit Number — 325182700.

Money markets.

Earn dividends on liquid assets.

Business checking.

Your daily expenses account.

Mobile deposit.

Deposit checks from your phone, with funds available the same day.