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Illustrated credit card transferring its balance.
Illustrated credit card transferring its balance.
Illustrated credit card transferring its balance.
balance transfer to new traditional mastercard

0.0% intro APR for 18 months.*

APR thereafter.*

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18 months of joy!

Take an 18-month break from debt when you transfer your high-cost cards and loans to your new STCU Mastercard.

Thinking of joining the credit union? Or you're already a member, but don't yet have an STCU credit card?

It's a great time to join STCU and to open a new STCU Mastercard! During the first 90 days of your new card, simply transfer your high-cost credit card and consumer loan balances from your old financial institution or stores to get:

0% intro APR on transferred balances for the next 18 months, with a modest 3 percent fee on each transfer, or $5, whichever is greater.*

0% intro APR on all purchases during the next 18 months!*

*After your introductory period, the rate on your remaining balance will be the regular 9.99-20.99% annual percentage rate (APR) for a traditional card and 9.49-19.49% variable APR for a rewards card. ("Variable" means the APR may change after the account is opened. A membership fee may be required to join STCU.)  

Why do a balance transfer?

Balance transfers to your new STCU credit card are a smart way to:

  • Get out of debt. By reducing your interest rate, you'll free up more money to aggressively pay your debts off faster.
  • Simplify your financial life. By consolidating your balances onto one, low-cost card, you  eliminate the need to juggle accounts and reduce the risk of missing payments.
  • Get the benefit of a secure, low-cost card from a local credit union you trust. STCU continues its long tradition of providing the lowest possible Mastercard rates to our members, including Passport Unlimited discounts and all our great standard benefits (such as zero liability protection against unauthorized transactions) on every credit card. 

How does a balance transfer work?

A balance transfer occurs when you give STCU permission to pay off your debts at other, more expensive financial institutions or stores. Your balances are transferred to your STCU Mastercard at terms far kinder to your monthly budget.

Start your balance transfer now.

A balance transfer takes just a couple of steps to complete, depending on your situation:

To complete your balance transfers, you'll need the account information from the cards or loans held at other financial institutions or stores. Monthly account statements are a good source.

Need help? Chat or call an STCU member service representative at (509) 326-1954 or (208) 619-4000 during regular weekday business hours. Or visit any available STCU branch location.

Enjoy your 18-month break from debt with a new STCU Mastercard!


* The 0% intro annual percentage rate (APR) for balance transfers is good for 18 months (or 19 billing cycles). Thereafter, the rate is 9.99-20.99% fixed APR for traditional cards; 9.49-19.49% variable APR for rewards cards. Introductory rate availability based on creditworthiness. Not all applicants will qualify for these rates.

Membership fee may be required when joining STCU. All loans, including credit card applications, subject to approval.

1To view STCU credit card fees and disclosures, open the following documents:
STCU Traditional Mastercard
STCU Rewards World Mastercard
STCU Premier Rewards World Mastercard

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