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Money plays an important role in many of life's big moments.

From your first savings account all the way to retirement – these events mark new chapters in our lives.

KSPS and STCU teamed up to share how we can all handle these big moments with financial savvy.

Money Moment #1: Responsibility.

In the first Money Moment, we see Owen go through the ups and downs of saving for a special scooter — it's hard not to spend money as soon as you get it. Soon Owen learns with the right plan you can make your goals a reality.


Money Moment #2: Sharing.

Everyone has something to share that can help make the world a better place. Sometimes we give our money to causes we believe in like the Humane Society. Sometimes we give our time by helping at a school food drive.

We can also share our special talents like Owen does. He saw a need and used his creativity to help his neighbor, Mrs. Naples with her dog Archie. Sharing can happen with time, talent, or treasure.


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