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An illustration of a hand tapping a card to pay
An illustration of a hand tapping a card to pay
An illustration of a hand tapping a card to pay
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Let Lily pick up the tab.

Teaching young people money management skills can set them up for success later in life. A student checking account is a great place to start.

With a student checking account from STCU, your youngster can take the reins of their finances (with oversight, of course). They’ll be protected by safeguards designed specifically for beginner spenders.

Like every STCU checking account, student checking is a secure and convenient way to manage money, and comes with 24-hour online and ATM access and a free debit card. In addition, student checking has these thoughtful features:

  • Careful daily spending and ATM withdrawal limits.
  • Essentials-only online and mobile banking functions.
  • Card controls to set custom debit card spending limits, temporary blocks, and more.
  • Available alerts to keep tabs on spending activity, balances, and more.
  • Student-friendly overdraft options; link a savings account to protect against accidental overspending.
  • No monthly service charge; no balance requirements.
  • Designed for students age 17 and under; requires a parent or guardian to open.

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Student checking features.

Smart spending.

Student spenders have access to a free STCU debit card for in-person and online purchases. Like all STCU debit cards, it has 24/7 fraud monitoring and microchip-enabled tap-to-pay technology, and can be loaded into a digital wallet. Plus, they can set custom spending limits and alerts. We’ve also adjusted daily spending and withdrawal amounts:

Standard checking Student checking
Daily purchase limit $5,000 $500
ATM withdrawal limit $1,010 $510
Keeping tabs.

Students and any adult on the account can access the account online and set custom alerts for debit card activity and account balance. Choose from text or email delivery.

Overdraft protection.

Student checking is eligible for standard overdraft protection, which pulls from another linked account if desired. However, Privilege Pay — which covers overdrafts when there is nothing to pull from — is not available. Read more about overdrafts at STCU.

Staying safe online.

Online banking and our mobile app are great tools to learn how to manage your money. To keep it streamlined and secure for student spenders, we’ve removed access to a few features, including loan applications, external transfers, billpay, and investments.

They grow up so fast.

When your youngster hits 18, their student checking account will automatically convert to a standard checking account. They’ll keep their debit card and full 10-digit account number, but see expanded access to overdraft services and online and mobile banking functions, plus higher daily spending and withdrawal limits (see above sections). Automatic payments, transfers, and other online banking settings will remain unchanged.

The best part, though? They’ll hit the ground running with real-world financial experience under their belt. And now that they’re fully adulting, they can stay on top of their game with access to our budgeting tool and My Life, My Money blog, covering dozens of topics, from taxes, internet security, charitable giving, and more.


*No minimum balance to open an STCU student checking account.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) restricts the collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Information from and about children under the age of 13 on the internet.

Read the electronic services agreement and the debit card ATM access agreement.