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Illustration of an hourglass with a heart
Illustration of an hourglass with a heart
Illustration of an hourglass with a heart

This year, we’re celebrating women helping women in the community.

At STCU, we encourage our employees to give back as volunteers, donors, and good citizens.

This notion of service is a principle that has guided us successfully for more than 85 years — ever since nine women and one man signed our articles of incorporation in 1934. Hundreds of STCU employees contribute thousands of hours of paid volunteer time every year to local schools, nonprofits, and places of worship.

While 16 hours of paid volunteer hours per year is a great way to put a little skip in your step, it’s more than a just workplace perk for three particular women at STCU. For Robyn Galtieri, Jane Larson, and Ashley Collins, giving their time to organizations that help women is not only a way to help those in need; it’s a way to carry on the tradition of capable, compassionate women who have made STCU a cornerstone of the community for the better part of a century.

Robyn Galtieri

Vice President of Retail Services
Women and Children’s Free Restaurant and Community Kitchen

“I was a single mother raising three kids, and making ends meet was often a challenge,” said Robyn. “When I was able to get on my feet, the mission of the restaurant really spoke to me.”

WCFR supports the community through education about healthy eating habits, and by providing nutritious meals and groceries with kindness and respect. “We saw such an increase in need during COVID, driven by job losses, closed schools, and health setbacks,” Robyn said. “To meet demand, we transitioned to curbside service. It was a tremendous effort.”

Photo of Robyn Galtieri standing in a warehouse

Throughout her 23 years at STCU, Robyn has seen her share of leadership changes at the credit union. “When I started, men made up the majority of leadership positions,” Robyn said. “Now, there’s a refreshing balance of men and women.”

Robyn has always felt supported and encouraged to excel. “STCU provides an open door — you just need to walk through,” she said. “Do that, and the sky is the limit."

Ashley Collins

Consumer Lending Operations Manager
Project Beauty Share

“I got involved with Project Beauty Share during an annual holiday volunteer event at STCU,” said Ashley. “My heart was just captivated by this organization, because they truly embody ‘women helping women.’ It was just so inspiring.”

Project Beauty Share seeks to make sure every woman feels cared for and confident in their own skin by providing personal hygiene, cosmetics, and beauty products to non-profits serving women and families.

“I grew up in a single-parent household, well below poverty level,” Ashley said. “My mother worked tirelessly to provide for us growing up, and I know something like Project Beauty Share would have been something we could have relied on back then.”

Ashley sees women helping women at STCU every day. “As I’ve advanced in my career, I’ve been treated with respect, openness, and have been exposed to incredible women at all leadership levels,” she said. “At STCU, women are a force to be reckoned with.”

Jane Larson

Business Development Officer
Executive Women International, Spokane chapter

“What began as an opportunity to network with other women professionals at EWI turned into something much more,” said Jane. “I quickly saw the importance of the organization’s efforts to develop women leaders across the country through scholarship and literacy programs.”

Photo of Jane Larson, wearing a mask

Volunteering with EWI has given the Jane the added benefit of developing her own leadership skills, serving as committee chair, board member, and eventually president. She now serves as board advisor. “It’s a thriving organization with so many ways to get involved,” Jane said.

Groups like EWI have played no small part in changing workplace culture and claiming a seat for women leaders at the table. “When I started my career, we were all wearing power suits with big shoulder pads to be taken seriously,” remembered Jane. “Now, everyone recognizes the unique skills and aptitudes that women bring to the team. STCU embraces that ideal, and we’re encouraged to be our authentic selves.”

At STCU, we want to be the financial institution that does good things, and makes you proud to be a member. We're here for you. We're here for good.