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Illustration of an atom
Illustration of an atom
Illustration of an atom

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Science, technology, engineering, and math.

STCU believes that access to STEM instruction is crucial to the success of our communities.

In recent years, the credit union has supported hands-on STEM activities with the HUB Sports Center, and STEM activity providers N2X, Gizmo, and the Mobius Discovery Center.

Below is a series developed by N2X for STEM education. You can request the materials used with any of the following lessons for your classroom:

Computer science.

Lesson 1: Algorithm design. Students learn that an algorithm is a sequence of detailed instructions given to a computer.

Lesson 2: Data analysis/processing. Students learn how algorithms are used to process and analyze data.

Merry molecules.

Lesson 1: Molecules that matter. Students learn that matter is made up of building blocks too small to be seen by the naked eye, but when combined, make up the things that we can see.

Lesson 2: Molecular properties and reactions. Students mix molecules to observe how they react to each other.

Virus and vaccines.

Lesson 1: What is a virus? Students learn what a virus is, some of the different kinds of viruses, the diseases viruses cause, and how a virus reproduces inside the human body and spreads to infect others.

Lesson 2: What is a vaccine? Students learn what a vaccine is and how it works to protect people and communities from viral infection.

N2X atmosphere.

Lesson 1: The matter of air. Students learn about air, including matter, mass, and air pressure.

Lesson 2: The four forces of flight. Students learn the four forces of flight and how they produce flight in an airplane.

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