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Arrows show you can direct your deposits.
Arrows show you can direct your deposits.
Arrows show you can direct your deposits.
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Easy meets money.

Direct deposit puts your paycheck, tax refunds, retirement checks, or other income directly into your account. No risk your check will get lost in the mail. No waiting for your money.

Set up direct deposit today!

Authorize your employer, pension fund, IRS, the Social Security Administration, or other payees to deposit your funds directly to your STCU account. To do this, simply ask your employer or payee if you need to complete a direct deposit form, then provide the following to your boss or payee:

  1. STCU's direct deposit routing number: 325182700.
  2. Your 10-digit STCU checking, money market, or saving account number where you want money deposited.
  3. Return your completed direct deposit form, if required, to your employer.

To locate your 10-digit account number, check your monthly printed statement or log into online banking and open "My accounts" and select "View statements."

If you receive Social Security benefits, you can find information on signing up for direct deposits at

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