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Three unique colors reflect the creative ways to color your world.
Three unique colors reflect the creative ways to color your world.
Three unique colors reflect the creative ways to color your world.
home equity line of credit
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Color your world.

Bring your dreams to life with a home equity loan or line of credit from STCU. 

Use the equity in your home as collateral to complete big projects or fund special occasions at a fraction the cost of a credit card or personal loan.

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home makeover
  • College education
  • Wedding or vacation
  • Adoption or medical bills
  • Business startup
  • Other dreams!

Home equity line of credit.

Borrow funds as you need them with a variable-rate line of credit from STCU.

Tap into the equity you've built up in your primary, secondary, or vacation home in Washington or Idaho, then use your line of credit for up to 10 years, while taking up to 20 years to pay it off. Appraisal costs, if needed, can be built into your loan and interest-only minimum payments are available during your draw period.

Worried about rising rates? At STCU you can lock in a fixed rate on draws of $5,000 or more — up to three draws at one time!

Fixed-rate home equity loan.

Borrow the equity you've already established in your primary, secondary, or vacation home in Washington, Idaho, or Oregon for projects and expenses you need. You'll receive one lump sum at a fixed rate, with any loan costs built right into your financing, so you'll always know your monthly payment.

Medical bills, education, weddings, home improvements, debt consolidation, vehicles, and more. Anything is possible with your STCU home equity loan. Apply today!

Tax deductions may still apply!

The Internal Revenue Service has advised taxpayers that in many cases you can still deduct interest paid on your home equity loans.

The IRS says that despite newly-enacted restrictions (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017) on home mortgages, taxpayers can often still deduct interest on a home equity loan or home equity line of credit if used to buy, build, or substantially improve the home that secures the loan. For example, interest on a home equity loan used to build an addition to an existing home is typically deductible, while interest on the same loan used to pay personal living expenses, such as credit card debts, is not.

As always, we recommend that you consult your tax adviser about any benefits before securing your loan.


*APR = annual percentage rate. STCU membership fee may apply.

Home equity line of credit: STCU pays fees, excluding reconveyance fee and appraisal fee, if applicable, on home equity line of credit. Rate adjusts monthly, with a maximum 18.00% APR.

Home equity loan: The fixed-rate home equity loan includes 0.25% discount for having an STCU credit card in good standing. All rates and terms.