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First5 Savings
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APY effective 2012-07-02

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There’s no time to save like the present.

Future you says thanks for saving for

There are so many things future you may want to do.

Whether that’s the day you say “I do”, a tropical cruise in the middle of winter, your kids’ summer science camp, or to cover emergencies, a First5 Savings Account will help your money grow faster.

In one year, earning 5.09% APY on your first $500 adds up to $525.49.*

Get started anytime with as little as $0. Open an account for yourself, for your child, or encourage anyone you know who wants to start saving to get one today.

Prepare to be a happy camper.

Summer camp—a great place for kids to make priceless memories. It does, however, have a price tag when it comes to paying for enrollment.

Camp cost breakdown

The average cost of a sleep away camp in the U.S. is $448.53 a day. You’re looking at $3,139.71 for a week.1

Prices do vary, depending on what the camp offers and where it's located. Luckily for us in the Inland Northwest, prices are usually a lot less than the national average.

If you save $262/month with 5.09% APY on your first $500, you'll have $3,170 saved in a year.

No hidden fees.

No minimum to open. No monthly fees.

Add deposits.

Grow your savings by adding new deposits at any time.

24-hour access.

Free, 24-hour online, mobile app, and ATM account access.

Federally insured.

Federally insured up to $250,000.


*APY = annual percentage yield. APY is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. No minimum balance required to earn the APY and no penalty for withdrawals. Balances above $500 earn 0.25% APY. Rate is subject to change and may change after the account is opened. STCU membership is required to open account and fees may reduce earnings. One First5 Savings Account per person.

1Report comes from and the American Camp Association. Numbers referenced do not reflect individual camp cost averages. Examples used in these scenarios are approximate calculations