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Illustration of a phone alert and a debit card
Illustration of a phone alert and a debit card
Illustration of a phone alert and a debit card
control your card
  1. Select "card management" in your STCU mobile app or online banking.
  2. Register you card(s).
  3. Set up preferences and alerts.
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Digital wallet, or leather?

Either way, be the boss of your cards with online banking and the STCU mobile app.

Free and easy-to-access card management gives you real-time power over your cards, so you can shut down unauthorized users in other cities or online. You can also access cards digitally and add them to your digital wallet.

No need for a separate app! Control your cards simply and safely in STCU online banking. Some of the preferences you might choose:

  • Types of merchants, such as gas stations and grocery stores.
  • Types of transactions, such as ATM withdrawals and online shopping.
  • Spending limits. Set your maximum amount allowed per transaction or per month. Perfect for managing a budget for yourself or others.
  • Transaction alerts. Get notified of transaction approvals and denials.

With STCU card management, you'll receive a mobile alert that lets you know when and how your card is being used, so you can adjust and manage authorized transactions on the spot.

Lost card? Use card management to block usage, then contact STCU to order a replacement. While you wait for your new card, you can use card management to access it digitally.

Card management support