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Image of the STCU debit card.
Image of the STCU debit card.
Image of the STCU debit card.
debit cards now. or later.

Get  your debit card instantly at the nearest STCU branch location.*

Or get your debit card by mail. Call (800) 858-3750 or chat online.

Your pocket account.

For thousands of members, the STCU Debit Mastercard® has replaced the need for checks.

And why not? At STCU, your pocket-sized debit card is free and can be used almost anywhere, including gas stations, restaurants, online shopping, and wherever else you go.

Cashless spending. Cash-yes advances.

"Debit" means you're drawing funds in person or electronically from your checking account. In addition to ATM withdrawals, your STCU debit card also can secure up to $1,000 cash advance — with no check-cashing fees — at most financial institutions.

Tracking with you.

Every transaction you make with your STCU debit card is automatically recorded to your private account history at STCU, so you can easily track your spending and manage your money.

Keeping your money secure.

Your STCU debit card is almost impossible to hack thanks to its unique embedded microchip.

But even if a local merchant doesn't have a chip reader, you always have the option to swipe your debit card's magnetic strip, tap in your personal identification number, and complete your purchase.

STCU's free fraud monitoring service is constantly scanning for possible card theft. If a transaction looks suspicious, you may get a call from one of these two numbers — (877) 276-3721 or (866) 518-0213 — asking to verify your transactions. (Note: If anyone calls from a different number claiming to be with STCU, hang up and contact the credit union. It could be a fraud!)

more stcu debit card benefits

Mobile app.

Deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, control card access, and more.


Available in the lobby of all branch locations during regularly business hours. There is no charge to replace a  debit card that has been lost or stolen, but a $5 replacement fee may be required for repeat card replacement or to replace a card just to get a newer design.