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First things first: if you haven't already, please register for online banking and download the STCU mobile app.

While not required for every option below, these powerful tools help you to manage your finances on your own terms, when it's most convenient for you!

Register for online banking Download the mobile app

Need help? Start by making sure your email is up to date, then visit our online banking support and mobile app support pages.

Where's my child tax credit?

Congratulations! Beginning around July 15, millions of American families will start to receive $250 to $300 monthly from the IRS for each qualified child under age 18.

If you qualify, your child tax credit payments will be deposited electronically into the same account you provided to the IRS for your 2019 or 2020 tax returns, your Social Security benefits check, or previous Covid-19 stimulus relief checks. Child tax credit payments are expected to be deposited around the 15th of each month, July through December 2021.

Check on pending deposits.

If the IRS has your STCU account on file, you can log into online banking and use the "Self-service" app to see if your child tax credit payment is about to be deposited to your account. It's faster than calling the credit union!

  1. Log into your STCU online banking account.
  2. Go to "Self-service."
  3. Choose "View pending direct deposits." Check to see if you have any pending deposits. If not today, then check again tomorrow.

(Please note: STCU does not put a hold on deposit of government checks. As soon as your funds are deposited by the IRS, you can access the funds.)

To determine if you qualify for payments, use the IRS “Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant.” For detailed information about the tax credit, visit or watch the agency’s one-minute YouTube video.

Common self-service options.

What do you need? Options.
Check account balances.
Activate credit or debit card.
Transfer money or set up automatic transfers.
Make a loan payment.
Apply for a loan or check the status of an application.
Check the status of a direct deposit. Check in online banking
View your transaction history.
Skip an eligible loan payment. Check eligibility in online banking
Transfer a balance to your STCU credit card. Balance transfer in online banking
Dispute a transaction Fill out our transaction dispute form
Open a new account
Add a joint or beneficiary Add in online banking
Notify STCU of travel. Tell us in online banking or the mobile app
Send us a secure message for a non-urgent request. Message us in online banking or the mobile app

We're here to help.

We understand that some things require an extra hand. Our friendly staff is here to help: