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Help yourself. And avoid the wait!

First things first: if you haven't already, please register for online banking and download the STCU mobile app.

While not required for every option below, these powerful tools help you to manage your finances on your own terms, when it's most convenient for you!

Need help? Start by making sure your email is up to date, then visit our online banking support and mobile app support pages.

Common self-service options.

What do you need? Options.
Check account balances.
Activate credit or debit card.
Transfer money or set up automatic transfers.
Make a loan payment.
Apply for a loan or check the status of an application.
Check the status of a direct deposit. Check in online banking
View your transaction history.
Skip an eligible loan payment. Personal members can check eligibility in online banking.
Transfer a balance to your STCU credit card. Balance transfer in online banking
Dispute a transaction Fill out our transaction dispute form in online banking.
Open a new account Browse our checking and savings accounts.
Add a joint or beneficiary Personal members can add beneficiaries in online banking.
Notify STCU of travel. Tell us in online banking self-service or the mobile app.
Send us a secure message for a non-urgent request. Message us in online banking or the mobile app

We're here to help.

We understand that some things require an extra hand. Our friendly staff is here to help: