Savings goals

What gets measured, invariably gets done

Experienced savers know: Successful saving happens step-by-step, and your chances of staying the course are improved when you monitor your progress.

STCU knows that, too. That's why we've introduced a new, simple-to-use Savings Goals tool.

Visit the tool, and you'll see each of your STCU savings accounts has its own section.

  1. Click a red "New Goal" button to get started. In the form that appears, give your goal a name, an image, an amount, and the date you'd like to reach your goal.
  2. Your goal appears as a progress bar on the main screen.
  3. Click the "Add funds" button to move new money to your savings account, or apportion amounts to your goal. Watch as you get ever closer to your ambitions.
  4. Set up as many goals as you want for each account. Click the "Settings" button to specify whether to fund your goals one after the other, or proportionately all at the same time.

Once you've set up savings goals, you can even configure alerts to warn you if your saving efforts fall off track, if you're nearing completion of a goal, or when you've succeeded in reaching one. Spend the funds once the goal is finished, and start fresh on a new savings objective! 

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