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Illustration of hound dogs and devices.
Illustration of hound dogs and devices.
Illustration of hound dogs and devices.

STCU's login security makes it easy for you — but virtually impossible for anyone else — to access your accounts.

Choose your level of security.

We offer a variety of measures to choose from that keeps your online banking information secure.

  • Create an alphanumeric password of eight characters or more.
  • Complete one of three security steps before proceeding: 1) receive a verification code by text; 2) receive a verification code by phone call; or 3) use a soft security token. (Soft tokens send a random 10-digit code digitally.)
  • Register your private computer to avoid repeating some of the security steps during future logins. (If you sell or lose your device, you can always "unregister" it online.)

Quick login and Touch ID®

For fast access to your account, set up a PIN-based quick login or thumbprint-based Touch ID on the devices that support them.

Be the first to know.

If any of your security settings or contact information are changed online, we immediately alert you by e-mail to confirm that the change is authorized. Your online banking profile displays a complete history of your login activity.

Need help logging into online banking?