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Illustration of a front door
Illustration of a front door
Illustration of a front door

Loans with low to zero down!

For those who qualify, a government-backed home loan can help lower your upfront costs to buy a home and reduce monthly payments to fit your budget.

Your loan options.

STCU can help qualified buyers take advantage of the three most popular government-backed loans: 

      • FHA loans — Great for first-time homebuyers, this loan is backed by the Federal Housing Administration to help reduce the upfront expense of a down payment and closing costs. It allows many homeowners to qualify for financing when conventional loan programs won't.

      • VA loans — 100% financing available for qualified veterans and their families! Backed by Veterans Affairs, this loan helps eligible veterans qualify to purchase a new home with no down payment.

      • USDA loans — Pay no money down to purchase your home in a neighborhood approved by the USDA. (You may be surprised how many close-in properties qualify!) Your loan is backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promote housing for low-to-moderate income households. 

        Start by checking USDA loan eligibility for the property you want to buy and your monthly household income: A) Property eligibility — search the address. B)  Income eligibility ― check if your income is within limits.

Fixed-rate home loans.

Half off origination fee for first-time homebuyers.

Adjustable-rate loans.

Greater buying power at an affordable rate.


Lower your rate, or improve your terms, on an existing home loan.

Construction loans.

One-step building loans that convert to permanent financing when you move in.


*Application deposit: No deposit is necessary to apply for preapproval of an STCU loan until you have selected a property.  A $250 application deposit is required on all home loans three business days after you have identified a home to buy and been issued a loan estimate. Although $100 of your deposit will be nonrefundable, STCU applies your deposit to your loan charges due at closing. All loans are subject to approval.