Your accounts page

Information, sliced and diced a half-dozen ways

For a deeper dive into your finances, turn to the features on the new "Accounts" page:

  1. Select an account from the list.
  2. View its transaction history to the right.
  3. Click "Account Details" for summary statistics. 
  4. Search on a description or filter transactions by date, category, type, amount, or check number.
  5. Sort transactions in ascending or descending order.
  6. Click the "Statements" tab to view PDF versions of your financial documents.

Notice how some transactions in the history have been categorized just below their descriptions. This is a component of the new "Budgets" feature that helps you monitor your monthly spending.

You can give any account a new nickname or color swatch by clicking the pencil icon next to its current name above the transaction list. Print or download transactions by clicking their respective icons just below the sorting function.

Want to add a new savings, checking, or certificate account? Click the "Open an Account" button at the bottom of the left-hand column or choose "Open an Account" from the "Add Account" menu in the upper-right.

To apply for a loan, select "Apply for a Loan" from either of the same two locations.

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