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Why is the STCU app crashing on my phone?

Often times, app crashes are caused by insufficient available RAM and/or internal storage capacity on the device, especially when the device is at or nearing 80%-100% usage of these storage spaces. It's a good idea to double check both your internal storage and RAM usage, and determine how much free space and total space you have of each. In general, going over 80% RAM or internal storage usage can slow your phone down and/or lead to some apps crashing. Also keep in mind that RAM usage constantly fluctuates depending on a variety of factors, including other processes your phone is working behind the scenes at that very moment. So although your RAM usage may be within a safe range at one moment, that can always change later on.

Android users

Depending on your Android operating system version and/or the manufacturer of your phone, you can usually find this information by going to the Apps or Application Manager section of the Android's Settings. At the bottom of the Downloaded apps tab, you will find the amount of used Internal Storage and the amount of free Internal Storage. Swipe right to reveal the Running apps tab, and make note of the amount of used RAM and the amount of free RAM. Be certain to note whether each of these amounts are in Megabytes (MB), or Gigabytes (GB), or in any other measurement.

iOS users

Go to Settings, General, then Usage to determine the internal storage usage on the device. Though the iOS doesn't have a very easy way to check the usage of RAM, in general force-closing apps you aren't currently using will usually free up the RAM usage on the device.

If the app is still crashing on you, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

What if I lose my mobile device?

You can manage any "remembered device" or "PIN-enabled device" at Log into online banking, then open Settings >> Security to delete your devices from your security profile so that your account information is never stored on your device. If your device is lost or stolen, monitor your accounts closely for any suspicious activity.

Mobile deposit

What is mobile deposit and how does it work?

Save a trip to the credit union by choosing mobile deposit. Mobile deposit is a feature of the STCU mobile app that allows you to deposit a check from your Android or Apple phone or tablet. You simply submit front and back photos of your check and confirm the amount the deposit the check.

Endorse this! Mobile deposit checks require it.

Federal regulations require you to endorse the back of each check submitted for mobile deposit with your signature and the phrase, "STCU Mobile Deposit." Checks without that endorsement will not be deposited. Thanks for endorsing your checks!

What kinds of checks can I deposit using the mobile app?

Our mobile deposit can accept most domestic checks, including personal, business, and payroll checks. However, please be aware of these limitations: Mobile deposit is unable to accept foreign checks, third-party checks, substitute checks, traveler's checks, and checks older than six months. In addition, checks with uncommon formatting style -- such as amount or payee name situated in an uncommon location, or superfluous characters (e.g., extra $$ symbols) located around the amount field -- will not be accepted. Please visit your nearest STCU branch location for these types of check deposits. Before making your deposit, please endorse your check(s) exactly as the payee line reads.

Which accounts can I deposit funds into?

Mobile deposits can only be made to checking, savings, and money market accounts. Please visit your local branch for deposits into other types of accounts or loan payments.

What are the deposit limits?

Personal accounts have a daily limit of $10,000. Business account limits may vary.

When will my funds be available after making a mobile deposit?

In most cases, your mobile deposit is processed the same day. (Log out and back into your account to see if the balance is updated!) STCU's funds availability policy allows same-day access to the first $500, with the remainder available after two business days.

How will I know if my deposit has been received and approved?

A confirmation message will appear after a deposit is successfully received. The deposit will have a 'pending approval' status, indicated by a clock icon. Once the deposit has been approved for posting, the transaction will display in your deposit activity with a green check mark next to it. If the deposit is declined, a red warning sign will appear next to the transaction. Mobile deposits will appear as "Mobile Deposit" on your monthly statement, and in your online history.

Can businesses utilize the mobile app?

Yes.  All terms and conditions that apply to 'personal use' will also apply to business use.  If special needs exist, contact a Business Services/Commercial Lending representative for assistance.

Why would a deposit be declined?

The most common reasons a check would be declined are:

  • Ineligible check type or uncommon formatting style (e.g., foreign checks, third-party checks, substitute checks, traveler's checks, money orders)
  • Poor image quality
  • Duplicate check deposit
  • Deposit amount exceeds the daily limit
  • Superfluous formatting characters present on the check (e.g., extra "$$" symbols located around the amount field)
  • Deposit amount does not match the check amount
  • Endorsement doesn't match the payee line

If any of the issues above are present on checks for deposit, please visit your nearest STCU branch location.

If the deposit is declined after being submitted, a red warning sign in the deposit activity section of the STCU mobile app will indicate this. In such cases, STCU will contact you to explain why the deposit was declined.

How long should I keep my check after I deposit it?

Store the original checks in a secure location for a minimum of 35 days. Then they should be destroyed for security purposes and to avoid a duplicate deposit. STCU recommends you develop a method, such as writing "mobile deposit" under your signature to identify which checks have been deposited through this service, to avoid duplicate check presentment.

Are mobile deposits secure?

Yes. Our mobile app is protected by several layers of security. The app uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information and financial transactions. In addition, check images are not stored on your mobile device.