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Illustration of blueprints with drafting tools
Illustration of blueprints with drafting tools
Illustration of blueprints with drafting tools

Put yourself on solid ground.

Building a home from the ground up means starting with ... well, the ground.

Use a land loan from STCU to secure the perfect spot for your primary or vacation home, while you decide just how big that kitchen island should be. Find the ideal site for your dream home in Washington or Idaho, and we'll provide the financing.*

Land loan features.

Buy now, build later. A fixed-rate land loan from STCU lets you purchase your land first, giving you up to five years to start building. Refinancing options also available.

Affordable down payments. Pay as little as 25% up front!

Purchase up to 20 acres. If looking to buy larger tracts, contact any of our loan officers for help with the sale.

Credit on origination fees. When you're ready to start construction, you'll receive credit toward the origination fees on your STCU construction loan.

Local decision makers. We make mortgage decisions locally and service land loans ourselves, so you can count on the credit union you already know and love to be there for you.

Adjustable-rate loans.

Greater buying power at an affordable rate.


FHA, USDA, and VA loans with low to zero down!


Lower your rate, or improve your terms, on an existing home loan.

Construction loans.

One-step building loans that convert to permanent financing when you move in.


*All loans are subject to approval.