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View all your bank accounts in one place.

By bundling your banks at STCU, you can view all the accounts you own at most financial institutions on one screen when logged into STCU online banking.

What is "Bundle your banks"?

"Bundle your banks" is the STCU name for what used to be called "account aggregation." It allows you to securely show your account balances and recent transactions from other credit unions, banks, credit card companies, or stock brokerages you may own. The information is displayed on your STCU online banking dashboard, saving you the time logging into multiple accounts to see all your money on one screen.

How do I set it up?

It's easy to bundle your banks at STCU. You'll need your log-in credentials for each account to verify your secure access and link to accounts from outside STCU. (The following steps can also be found under the "More services > Self-service" tab in STCU online banking.)

1. Access STCU online banking settings.

After logging into STCU online banking, click on "Settings" (found under your name in the upper right corner), then "Accounts." Click open the "Link an External Account" button.

2. Set up your accounts.

  • When the "Add an external account" window pops up, select "Link accounts from another financial institution."
  • Follow the instructions to search for the banks, credit unions, stock brokers, or credit card providers ("Home Depot," "Amazon," and so on) where you have other accounts.
  • Enter your log-in information for your account at the other financial institutions.
  • Select the accounts you wish to view from your STCU dashboard.

3. Complete your request.

To complete the steps and to initiate the linking to external accounts the first time, log out of your STCU online banking, then log back in to refresh your dashboard. You should now begin to see account balances and transactions from your other accounts displayed on your STCU dashboard!

Is it safe to "Bundle my banks"?

Yes! STCU and most financial institutions encrypt login requests to ensure that only you have access to your money. In addition, "Bundle your banks" at STCU is restricted to "read-only" access, so your money or settings cannot be moved or changed from within STCU online banking.

What does it cost?

STCU provides this as a free service to help every member manage their money.

Can I manage my bank accounts from STCU?

No, you cannot make transactions on your non-STCU accounts. "Bundle your banks" only allows you to view (read only) your balances and recent transactions complete at non-STCU financial institutions.

Does "Bundle your banks" trigger access alerts?

Yes, if you have asked your financial institutions to alert you when someone logs into your account, you will receive an alert each time STCU retrieves your latest balance. For your security, we do not recommend that you turn off notifications, though that is an option at most financial institutions.