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What is an instant-issue debit card? How does it work?

An instant-issue debit card is like a traditional STCU debit card, except that you don't have to wait 10 days to get it. You can order and receive your instant-issue debit card from inside any branch location.

You can make purchases immediately with your instant-issue card and withdraw cash from an ATM. Best of all: instant-issue debit cards are free to members of STCU!

Who should get an instant-issue debit card?

Any STCU member who doesn't want to wait to replace their debit card, or who has concerns about their replacement card being sent through the mail, should consider an instant-issue debit card.

The instant card is great for members who need to replace a stolen, lost, or damaged card in a hurry, but also can be requested by new or existing members who have never owned an STCU debit card.

What does it cost?

With a couple of exceptions, there is no charge for an instant-issue card that has been lost or stolen. A $5 replacement fee may be required for repeatedly misplacing your card or to fulfill your request to replace a card with a newer design.

Is the instant-issue debit card safe to use?

Yes. In fact, it may be safer.

STCU's instant-issue cards are just as secure as the card you lost or replaced. By picking up your new card in person, you eliminate any threat that your newly issued card could be lost or stolen in the mail. Plus, you get to choose your personal identification number (PIN) for the instant debit card. For added security, be sure and sign the back of your new card.

Can I get a replacement debit card without going to a branch location?

Yes, but it won't be "instant."

If you need a replacement card sent to you outside the Inland Northwest, or you are unable to come to a branch location, please call us toll-free at (800) 858-3750 to request a replacement card mailed to you. Allow seven to ten business days to receive your new card.

How long does it take to get a replacement debit card?

It takes just minutes to issue you a new replacement debit card at a branch location. However, we recommend you avoid Friday afternoons or end-of-month paydays to avoid long lines.

How do I activate my instant-issue debit card?

Your new card will be activated right at your branch location as soon as you select a personal identification number (PIN). You can use your card immediately for purchases or to get cash from an ATM.

Can I get an instant-issue business debit card?

Yes! We currently offer instant-issue business debit cards at select STCU locations.