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How do I register my debit card for alerts and card controls?

As a free service to every STCU member, the credit union employs a fraud monitoring service that constantly scans for possible card theft.

However, for greater peace of mind, you can add debit card controls to proactively limit where and how your card is used. Simply open your STCU mobile app and tap on "debit card controls" listed below "transfers." You will be prompted to download a separate app. Follow the prompts to enter your information. There is no limit to the number of cards you can register.

Once I've registered my card(s), how do I turn on alerts and controls?

Under the cards section, select a card. Then choose "control preferences" to set limits on where and how that card can be used, or to block all transactions. Choose alert preferences to be notified when the card is used.

If my card is blocked by STCU, will I be able to unblock it via card controls?

No. As a security measure, you must contact STCU if your card was blocked by the credit union. If you set the block yourself using card controls, then yes,you can also use the app to remove the block.

Should I continue to notify STCU when I am traveling?

It's a good idea to let us know when you have travel plans, ensuring that you will have uninterrupted access to your cards. You can enter travel notes in the STCU mobile app or online banking by tapping "Self- service," and then "Notify STCU of travel."

Why aren't my settings for geographic controls working?

If you opted to block foreign transactions, then you cannot use geographic controls.

Do controls block all transactions?

If you use your card to automatically pay recurring bills or to accept recurring deposits, those will continue.

Do location-based alerts apply to online transactions?

No, location alerts apply to card transactions done in person.

Can anyone tamper with my card controls?

To access your card controls, they would first have to log into your accounts on the STCU mobile app. As a precaution, contact us if you lose your phone, and we'll disable access to your card controls.

Can I use card controls for my credit card?

No, but you can separately set up credit card alerts to notify you during select events on your credit cards, including:

  • Transactions above a certain amount.
  • When your card is approaching your credit limit.
  • Purchases made outside select states.
  • When online purchases occur.
  • When transactions are declined.