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What are you withholding?

What are you withholding? What are you withholding? Will you get a tax return? Will you owe ... , STCU's accounting manager. They're a prepayment of the income tax due around April 15. By filling ... in your employee benefits may reduce your taxable income - and what you owe the IRS. ... “The average

What records to keep

What records to keep What records to keep. Yet we all have some valuable identification records, financial statements, contracts or receipts that we ought to file and store in a safe place for easy ... . Here's a quick guide to evaluate what records you should keep - and for how long - when sorting through

Phishing text

number was similar to one that was familiar to the recipient – off by just a few digits ... what the message is really about. What to do if you get a phishing text. But while the impulse ... in phishing – catching the user off-guard and getting them to act before they’ve considered what

Member moments

Curt his diploma in 1970. Bill also knew STCU's first president, Ernie McElvain. "My dad was an STCU ... not about virtuosity, but generosity,'" says Curt. The owner of a rare, three-digit STCU member number ... ," she said. "And my members! You get those regulars and that's what makes it worth it," Kim added

Banner bank

accounts and provide a membership number, along with everything else you need. ... Do banks ... it serves. ... What happens with my Banner loan? Will the rate or term change? STCU will honor the rates ... , Monday through Friday). What will happen to my favorite Banner Bank employees? STCU will offer

Credit reports

great mysteries. The basics What's a credit score? A number ranging from 300-850 ... information  — name, address, birth date, and Social Security number. Open accounts  — creditor name (bank or credit card issuer), account number, credit limit, and payment history (including late

Community caretakers

exactly what the Governor says. I wash my hands every single trip. Every trip I take, to and from, I ... of them. This is what I tell my sons and family members. That's my advice. Take it a day at a time ... ." But Brett and his team, like many others, are happy to do what it takes to support our community, "When we

Digging in, digging out

Digging in, digging out Digging in, digging out. But ignoring the problem only makes it worse, says Debra Jackson, who oversees STCU's Financial Relief Solutions program. Can't pay your bills ... : Protect your essentials Decide what you require to live and work. Housing payments, basic utilities