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What records to keep

of a friend or loved one, you'll be relieved if you find official records in one, organized location. Here's a quick guide to evaluate what records you should keep - and for how long - when sorting through ... What records to keep What records to keep. Yet we all have some valuable identification records

What are you withholding?

What are you withholding? What are you withholding? Will you get a tax return? Will you owe the government money? That's between you and your tax professional. But, now is a good time to think about ... in your employee benefits may reduce your taxable income - and what you owe the IRS. ... “The average

Dear member

Dear member Dear member But we think our data about STCU members tells a more important story. The story of you. Not only that, but in these trying times the numbers tell a story of kindness ... :) Remind you of someone? Enter their handle (don't forget the @): and create

Community caretakers

Community caretakers Community caretakers Thank you. ... AJ Barnett. Custodian, West Valley ... is pretty good." Now, with schools closed at least until mid-April, AJ is focusing on keeping ... exactly what the Governor says. I wash my hands every single trip. Every trip I take, to and from, I

Credit reports

Credit reports The report card for adults. Is this how you feel about credit reports ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   ? That shrug of indifference is a common reaction to credit reports, but you might be surprised ... on prospective hires. To set you up for success, we reached out to Jill Bath, STCU’s Learning

Home improvement

Home improvement What to fix before you sell. That's not a simple yes or no question, says Scott ... improvement projects. Typically, though, the best use of dollars is to freshen what you have because ... that gets you the most bang for the buck" when it comes time to sell, Scott says. "Bigger home

Banner bank

for the move to STCU. But we're sure you have plenty of questions. Here are answers to some of them: ... Is there anything I need to do right now? For now, no action is needed. We'll send you a packet ... accounts and provide a membership number, along with everything else you need. ... Do banks

Phishing text

what the message is really about. What to do if you get a phishing text. But while the impulse ... the source. What harm could come from a text? The answer may surprise you. What harm could come ... , but in recent years they’ve added text messages and emails as faster and more anonymous methods to separate you

Electric vehicles

you could spend as little as $268 a year charging your EV. Many EVs have lower maintenance costs ... that the average driver travels 13,500 miles each year, or about 37 miles per day. If you assumed gas cost ... cents per mile. Spread that over a year, you would spend just $268 to drive that same 13,500 miles

Home loan radio

they what did you do When you've outgrown your home Went to S-T-C-U and applied for a loan. 1 ... .* Your browser does not support the audio element, but you can still listen to "Avocado Countertops ... you upgrade, downsize, build, or buy your very first avocado countertops. Your browser