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Credit reports

credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. How do they keep score? "Payment history makes up ... Credit reports The report card for adults. Is this how you feel about credit reports ¯\_(ツ ... how much influence your report can have on your life. Credit reports can affect the price of your

Changing rates

the federal funds rate, it affects how much banks and credit unions pay to borrow money. “Overall, the fed ... charge for loans (interest earned) and what they must pay depositors on their savings (dividends paid ... to another card at a lower interest rate. That would help you to pay down the principal of your credit

Lifestyle inflation

have a budget, how do you get started? STCU offers free workshops such as Budgeting 101 that may help ... and financial educator. The key, Wallis says, is to think about how you can manage your money ... three to six months' living expenses. Second, pay off debts. Then save for retirement (and if your

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STCU loan payments

financial institutions. See " Pay from your STCU accounts" above to learn how to make convenient ... STCU loan payments Loan payments Consumer loans and credit cards. Ready to make a payment ... your best option. Pay from your STCU accounts. Scheduling automatic loan payments from your

How often should you

How often should you How often should you ...? Here's what some local experts and other sources had to say about how often you should undertake certain tasks and their related expenses. Adjust your ... . While the old rule was to change batteries twice a year, now the U.S. Fire Administration says to do

Biweekly balance

" paychecks, build a healthy emergency fund or pay down debt. On many loans, if your terms allow ... Biweekly balance Two "extra" paychecks! Some employers pay their workers monthly, others weekly ... ." ... Biweekly budgets can help you build your emergency fund or pay down your debt. ... The first


? Retirement calculators How much do I need to fund my retirement? How much can I spend each month in retirement? How long will my retirement savings last? What rate do I need ... long will it take to pay off my loan? How long will it take to pay off my credit card? How much

Federally insured

Federally insured How to insure deposits up to $2.5 million. That, we are happy to report, is true ... up to $2.5 million? That's also true. And in a moment, we'll explain how. But first, five things ... , and insurance cannot. Accounts you may have at other credit unions do not affect your NCUA

Long-term care

ahead to pay for long-term care. You’ll learn how long-term care works and who needs it, the options ... how long-term care works and who needs it, the options for paying for it - including insurance and government programs - and how to plan ahead for long-term care costs. Join us! ... Thu