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Photograph of chair and bookcase
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Manage your merchant services.

Get paid faster. Get paid smarter.

Customer compliments are nice, but they don't pay the bills.

You can increase your sales, get paid faster, and capture customer data right from the point of sale with STCU merchant services. Plus, you’ll have friendly 24/7 support. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice the compliments.

Partnering with Global Payments, STCU provides you with reliable, easy-to-use devices at your business, online, or on the road that give customers the freedom to pay the way they want.

  • In-store.
  • Online.
  • Credit cards.
  • Gift cards.
  • Check.
  • Digital wallets, including Apple Pay®, Google WalletTM, and Samsung Pay®.

Seriously smart point-of-sale.

Ovation devices from Global Payments equip you with reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient tools to meet the needs of every customer and how they want to pay. 

Photo of the Ovation Select point-of-sale device.

Ovation Select.

A fast, full-featured point-of-sale option for in-store payments, Ovation Select gives you the tools you need to understand employee performance, business cycles, and inventory turn, so you can make smarter decisions.

  • Order-ahead features.
  • Server or sales associate assignments.
  • Combine or split held orders.

Photo of the Ovation Plus all-in-one countertop device.

Ovation Plus.

Run your business from a single, all-in-one countertop device. Powerful features combined with a simple, elegant design make Ovation Plus perfect for your growing business.

  • Intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Accepts swipe, chip, or contactless payments.
  • Thermal receipt printer.
  • Bi-directional barcode scanner.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for in-aisle and line busting.

Photo of the Ovation Mobile device.

Ovation Mobile.

Ideal for a small business that needs payment flexibility. Whether at the counter or out of the store, with Ovation Mobile and a compatible smartphone you can accept payments anytime, anywhere.

  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices.
  • Intuitive design and superior customer experience.
  • Quick set up and easy-to-use, requires minimal training.

A winning duo.

Pair STCU merchant services with a Growth Checking account for available dividends to help your business grow. We'll even waive the monthly service charge for using merchant services.

Get ready for growth

The Global Payments advantage.

Global Payments provides you with fraud prevention and data security tools, uses real-time data to manage your inventory and maximize sales, and, where available, helps you get paid faster with available next-day funding.*

Powerful management solutions.

Access efficient services like recurring billing and e-commerce shopping carts, and use online reporting functions to capture and analyze customer data.

Advanced support and security.

Get 24/7 merchant support when you need assistance with processing or equipment operation. Global Payments also offers PCI and regulatory support, along with financial relief should a breach occur.

Lower costs, fewer worries.

STCU merchant experts will analyze your current statements to explore potential cost savings, enhanced cash flow potential, and increased payment security potential. We can help you find costs that can be eliminated or lowered.**

Local support.

You can get ahold of an STCU merchant expert on weekdays by phone and email. Want to meet in-person? You can make an appointment to meet at an Eastern Washington or North Idaho branch.

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Manage your merchant services.

Manage your STCU/Global Payments merchant services and equipment at these sites 24/7:


For urgent matters, please call (800) 654-9256.

For non-urgent questions, please email

Merchant services disclosures.

*Merchants on certain processing programs are not eligible for next-day funding; funding may be delayed by Global Payments’ credit or risk departments at any time. All accounts subject to credit approval; some restrictions and exclusions apply to all offerings.

**Comparison applies to processing fees for the same or similar services offerings only, not to include equipment or software fees.

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