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An illustration of an alert symbol
An illustration of an alert symbol
An illustration of an alert symbol

Phishy texts put your data in danger.

Never click on a link until you’ve verified the sender.

Recently, financial institutions nationwide have seen an alarming increase in phishing texts. Unfortunately, STCU is no exception.

We're aware of phishing texts being sent, claiming to be from STCU. We won't send you a text directing you to a website that isn't, and we won't ask you to respond with your private information.

If you've received a suspicious text, don't click on the link. And if you did click on the link and input your information, please update your username and password in online banking. We're working hard to get the suspicious sites removed.

Fraudsters are using this common form of communication to impersonate STCU, trying to trick members and non-members alike into providing sensitive information. Along with a threat of an unauthorized purchase or restricted account, they will provide a link that will send you to a convincing spoof of the STCU online banking login page. 

While we do sometimes need you to update your info, you should only ever do so by going to an STCU branch, or logging in to online banking at

STCU never sends scary, ominous, or threatening texts or emails that ask you to provide private information. And we almost always direct members directly to, not some other website or address. Remember, our official online banking login page is

If you get a suspicious text.

  • If you don’t like the looks of a text claiming to be from STCU, delete it. Even if it’s legitimate, you won’t hurt our feelings.
  • If you do open a suspicious link, think twice about entering any info. If you catch yourself in time, close the link and delete the text.
  • If you open a suspicious link and enter any personal information — like your member number, debit or credit card number, online banking credentials, or SSNnotify us immediately. We will then determine what can be done to secure your accounts.

When possible, take screenshots of the texts and links. It can help us stay on top of scammers and better educate members.


Contact us.

If you think you’ve been targeted or have any questions about phishing texts, please call us at (800) 858.3750, use live chat, send us a secure message in online banking, or visit the nearest STCU branch.