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Illustration of woman interviewing for a job.
Illustration of woman interviewing for a job.
Illustration of woman interviewing for a job.

Make a great impression.

Congratulations! You applied for your dream job, and you’ve received a call that the employer wants to interview you.

With all the excitement, anxiety starts to creep in: Will they like me? What do I wear? What do I say? What if I bomb the interview? Don’t worry, we got you covered so you can walk into your interview feeling confident and ready to take on the new job. Here are 5 tips to ace your next job interview:

1. Research the company.   

Going into the interview, you should have a good understanding of the company’s mission and values. You should also be able to explain how you align with the organization’s values and culture. Researching can be easy as exploring the company’s website, checking out their recent social media posts, and news media covering them.

2. Understand the job description. 

Know what you’re interviewing for! Reread the job description before your interview. Be aware of the basic skills of the job are and brainstorm some examples of your previous work/education/volunteer experience that explain how you’ve practiced these skills. You want to show the interviewer you meet the requirements needed for this role.

3. Dress for success. 

Stroll into the interview feeling and looking confident! Ask about the dress code at the company you’re interviewing for. Plan your outfit the night before, so you don’t have to scramble through your closet on interview day.

👍 Pro tip: Check out this article for the dos and don’ts of interview fashion.

4. Plan arrival time. 

It can always be nerve-wracking when traveling to a new place, especially when it’s so important to be on-time. Plan to arrive early for your interview (15 minutes is always safe). You never know what the parking situation could be, or if there is unexpected traffic. If you plan on taking public transportation, make sure you have a backup plan in case of delays. Practice getting to the location of your interview so you don’t have to sweat it on the day of.

5. Interview like a STAR. 

When answering interview questions, your answers should be on-topic and concise. Use your time wisely and stay focused on what was asked. When asked about something you did in the past (Example: Tell me about a time when you failed, and how you overcame that failure), use the STAR formula: Situation, task, action, and result.

👍 Pro tip: Be ready to discuss salary expectations. If you’re unsure of the salary ranges for the job you’re applying for, this would be a good time to ask.

Now that you know how to interview like a pro, remember this: Answer truthfully, always talk positively, and don’t be afraid to explain how you’re qualified for the job. It’s good practice to ask the interviewer what the next steps are after your interview and thank them for taking the time to get to know you. Now, go dazzle your upcoming interviewer: Good luck!