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Woman shopping downtown
Woman shopping downtown
Woman shopping downtown

Updated March 2024.

And a few simple ways to do it.

Looking to support your community but you don’t have much time?

Giving back to your neighborhood doesn’t have to take up your whole day. It can be as easy as choosing to shop local. With more than 28 million small businesses, here are five reasons it pays to shop local:

1. Widen your wallet’s impact.  

Did you know that dollars spent at local business multiples into extra investment into your local economy? Civic Economic studies show that 47 cents of every dollar spent at small business and 65 cents of every dollar spent at local restaurants stays local.

When it comes to chain retailers, only 14 cents stay local, and 30 cents of chain restaurants stay local from every dollar spent.

2. Small business, BIG service. 

Small businesses excel at making their customers happy. While chain stores may have fabulous window displays, local shops often provide better service and can help you choose the products and services that’s right for you. As the local business gets to know you, they become your neighbors, family, and friends.

3. You’re helping your neighborhood.

Community involvement is often a priority for local and small businesses, including charitable contributions. Did you know that small businesses donate double annual average per employee to nonprofits and charitable organizations, compared to larger organizations? When you shop local, your money is reinvested where you work, play, live, and learn.

4. You're going green.

A community of small business requires less driving for shoppers. Less driving means less greenhouse gas emissions. Folks who live in neighborhoods with more small businesses tend to take public transit more, and small businesses tend to buy more of their supplies from other small business. That reduces the overall environmental impact of shipping.

5. You’re contributing to a more dynamic community. 

Everyone wants to live in a vibrant and healthy community! Studies show that the more support small and local businesses receive, the healthier the community’s income growth and civic participation is. A Pennsylvania State University study found that communities with a higher number of small businesses had a higher per capita income. Additional research shows that these areas also have higher participation in civic activities and elections.

How can you get started?

Shopping local is a win-win for both you and your community. Add it all together, and you’ve got a big impact from your choice to shop local.

So how do you find local or small businesses? There are a number of options. First, many small businesses participate in Small Business Saturday: An annual day to support and celebrate small businesses.,, are just a few places to get started in finding your next favorite local business. To explore businesses in your area, visit