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Over the years, building a better future.

In 2008, all 50 Lidgerwood Elementary second-graders were invited to an evening of pizza and fun. As they walked through the door, each child received a graduation cap.

Then came a surprise announcement that left many parents in tears: An organization called Reach for the Future was pledging to pay college tuition for any of the children who graduated from high school. To help them succeed, the new nonprofit set up after-school tutoring at a nearby community center, with transportation provided.

STCU supported the effort, and STCU employees Nikki Butler and Brandy Schloss signed up as “lunch buddies” ― and making a 10-year commitment to each mentor a child all the way to graduation.

"We are taking a group of at-risk students and opening a door for their future."

Making a commitment that counts.
“Without people like Nikki and Brandy, we really could not do this program, and these kids would not be nearly as successful as I know they’re going to be,” says Lauren Garske, Reach for the Future project coordinator (center, pictured with Brandy, Angelina, Nicole, and Nikki).

Photo of Project Coordinator Lauren Garske with students Angelina and Nicole and STCU employees Brandy and Nikki

"She’s grown up with me. I’ve grown up with her. To see her graduate will be a lot of fun."