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An illustration of a stream of loving hearts.
An illustration of a stream of loving hearts.
An illustration of a stream of loving hearts.

Nominate a nonprofit.

Have a favorite nonprofit organization that needs attention, love, and cash? Nominate the organization for a "Who do you love?" donation of $2,500 or more.1

Share the love, February 14-23!

Nominate the local nonprofits you love, in any category or industry, during Valentine's week. The top three nonprofits will share $8,500 donated by STCU:

  • First place, $5,000
  • Second place, $2,500
  • Third place, $1,000

Use the form below February 14-23, 2020, to submit your nomination of the local nonprofit you love. STCU will be awarding $8,500 to the winner, with a special announcement on KREM TV. See contest rules for details.

Share the love, online!

Encourage your community to vote by using our "Who Do You Love?" social media graphics. Enter your organization name and email and we'll send them to you!

Get your kit!

STCU and KREM team up.

STCU and KREM have teamed up for another year of "Who do you love?", a program created by STCU that invites you to nominate your favorite local, nonprofit organizations that support healthy living, children, senior citizens, and more.

Four times a year, you can nominate local charities you love, those whom you believe are deserving of financial support from your credit union in donations ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. We'll alert you when it's time to nominate and vote on KREM, here on, and our social media channels. 

"Who do you love?" 2020 nomination schedule:

Healthy living — January 10-19.

Congratulations to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance,  voted the $2,500 winner for local nonprofits supporting healthy living.

Love — February 14-23.

Nominate local nonprofits you love during Valentine's week, in any category or industry, for a share of an $8,500 donation from STCU!

Children — May 15-24.

Nominate local nonprofits that benefit area children. One $2,500 winner!

Seniors — August 28-September 6.

Nominate local nonprofits that support senior citizens. One $2,500 winner!


Congratulations to our recent winners listed below! To share the love, these nonprofits are not eligible at this time to win "Who do you love?" contests. Please nominate another nonprofit that you love.

  • Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
  • Heroes Homestead.
  • One More Time NW.
  • Isaac's Bookshelf.
  • ISAAC Foundation.
  • River's Wish Animal Sanctuary.
  • Art Salvage.
  • Love 11.
  • Newby-ginnings.
  • Washington Basset Rescue.
  • Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary.
  • Embrace Washington.
  • Spokane Guilds School (Joya).
  • Union Gospel Mission.

How it began.

Years ago, when STCU was invited to provide trinkets at a meeting of business leaders, we wondered, "Do they really need this stuff? Why not give the cash spent on trinkets to a charity that needs it?"

So, instead of buying 300 potato-powered flashlights for a banquet of business people, we asked everyone in the room to vote for a local nonprofit organization they believed deserved the money.*

The idea caught on, and soon dozens of business, education, and civic groups joined us to help spread the love by voting for a favorite "Who do you love?" nonprofit organization that needed support.

We take "Who do you love?" to the community, asking our followers on Facebook and other social media channels to nominate deserving nonprofits who might benefit from an STCU donation.

Over the years, STCU "Who do you love?" donations have gone to dozens of local organizations.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by our members, STCU values your voice in our donations process. You help us to make informed decisions that reflect the interests of the community, not just the credit union.

So, who do you love? It's a good question. Let's keep asking.


1Nonprofits do great work, but not all qualify for a "Who do you love?" donation under STCU rules. To qualify, a charity must be a 501(c)(3) organization that benefits our local community. The charity cannot be a politically affiliated nonprofit.