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Curt Fuller in downtown Spokane
Curt Fuller in downtown Spokane
Curt Fuller in downtown Spokane
director of commercial and business development
(509) 223.8406

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Curt leads a team of leaders dedicated to supporting businesses and their communities.

STCU’s Commercial and Business department are more than bankers and lenders. They’re active members of their community who are deeply invested in the success of the businesses they serve. Curt knows that this personal investment is the key to building the relationships and trust needed to identify the needs of businesses in our rapidly growing region.

With over 30 years in the financial services industry and experience in all areas of commercial banking, Curt is lifelong learner who is always seeking opportunities to learn from entrepreneurs in multiple industries. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Business Administration and Communications. He likes getting outdoors — especially near the ocean — to spend time with family and close friends.