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How a move helped Mika and the neighborhood.

For more than 30 years, plywood covered the windows at the old butcher shop on West Dean Avenue.

Then STCU member Mika Maloney made it the new home of Batch BakeShop. The move was good for Mika and good for Spokane's West Central neighborhood, which is showing signs of a renaissance after decades of decline. Mika is part of a cadre of STCU members investing in West Central with the help of their credit union. Among them: Bobby Enslow, owner of Indaba Coffee and Roastery, which sells Mika's wholesale pastries and provides freshly ground coffee for her shop; and Keith Kelley, who restores neighborhood homes. "When Batch Bakeshop's money at STCU is used to invest in Keith renovating a home, that matters to me as a business owner in this neighborhood but also as a resident," Mika says. "It's people interacting that makes places vibrant."

Photo of a stand mixer with flour in it Photo of a Batch Bakeshop employee at an event Photo of Batch Bakeshop owner Mika Maloney, with a tray of cookies