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‘When we see a need…we take action.’

On November 17, 2015, a storm pounded Eastern Washington and North Idaho with near-hurricane force winds.

Falling trees destroyed some homes and left others severely damaged. Fences were toppled and roofs stripped bare. More than 200,000 people faced days or weeks without electricity.

The day after the storm, even as they scrambled to reopen six STCU branches that were damaged or dark, credit union employees brainstormed ways to help the community.

The result was a break-even loan program for any storm-related cost, starting that day. "Get-it-fixed" loans helped residents pay for hotel rooms, hire contractors, buy generators, and replace spoiled food.

Photo of Danny Horton leaning on a fencePhoto of Danny Horton standing with horses in a barn

"The horse trough was a 600-pound block of ice." — Danny Horton, STCU member