Easy meets money, with direct deposit.

Get your money faster and safer, with direct deposit of your payroll, retirement, or other income into your STCU account. Here's how: 

4 easy steps to direct deposit:

  1. Ask your employer if a direct deposit form is required. If not, simply provide the following to the boss...
  2. STCU's routing number: 325182700.
  3. Your 10-digit STCU checking, money market, or saving account number. See all your direct deposit info in online banking, under self-service. (Note: Do not attempt to use your credit union member number, as this could delay deposit of your paycheck.)
  4. Return the completed direct deposit form, if required, to your employer.

Simplify your life today by setting up direct deposit of your regular paycheck or other income to your STCU checking, money market, or savings account. If you receive Social Security income, you can go to fiscal.treasury.gov/GoDirect to switch your electronic payments to your STCU account.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a routing number?
The routing number identifies STCU for direct deposit, tax refunds, and other electronic transactions you have requested. The STCU routing number is 325182700.

Q: What is my 10-digit checking account number?
All account numbers are different. To locate your 10-digit checking account number, log into online banking and look on the "Dashboard" or "Account history" page for the 10-digit number assigned to your account. You can also get your direct deposit information under self-service. Checking or money market accounts begin with a "2;" saving account numbers begin with a "1."

Q: What happens if I use my member number when setting up direct deposit?
A: Direct deposit will fail and your paycheck will be delayed if you or your employer attempt to us your STCU member number for direct deposit. Be careful to always use your 10-digit STCU checking, money market, or saving account number when setting up direct deposit.

Q: How do I collect the STCU bonus?
A: From time to time, STCU runs a promotion to encourage direct deposit. If you set up direct deposit during a bonus promotion period, the bonus will be deposited to your account after your direct deposit of $250 or more has posted for two consecutive months. Please notify STCU when you have met the qualifications, and we will deposit the bonus into your STCU account within 10 days.

Need help with direct deposit?

For additional assistance, feel free to call or chat with an STCU member service representative during regular weekday business hours at (800) 858-3750 or visit any of our branch locations.

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