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Illustration of office buildings.
Illustration of office buildings.
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Sweeten your employee benefits.

Give every employee the opportunity to earn an extra $50 when you join STCU as a Community Business Partner!

When you partner with STCU as a Community Business Partner,  you provide your employees the opportunity to better manage their money. Your no-cost partnership with STCU lets employees take advantage of the free services, great rates, and financial education programs that make us the No. 1 credit union in the Inland Northwest:

$50 for every qualifying employee!

When your employees visit any STCU branch location and show verification of employment, they can receive $50 by signing up for a free checking account and debit card at STCU, with any two of these other services:1

Perk up your employee benefits as a Community Business Partner at STCU. Get started today at (509) 326-1954 in Washington or (208) 619-4000 in Idaho, or write to  We look forward to serving you and your valuable workforce!


STCU in your neighborhood.

Business services.

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1After you establish your new STCU services, STCU will deposit $50 into your account within 30 days.

2STCU loans, including auto, home equity, personal, and home, are subject to approval.