Avoid card denial

Let us know in advance when you're going on vacation or a business trip

Traveling out of the area? Contact STCU on your mobile app before you go!

Advance warning of your travel plans can avoid the embarrassment of a denied card. If you don't notify us in advance, our security systems may temporarily block your debit or credit card if we detect someone is using your cards far from home.

By notifying STCU before you go, your cards can be released for use almost anywhere you plan to travel.* No denied cards. No embarrassing moments.

Notify STCU before you travel

  1. Download the STCU mobile app to your smartphone.
  2. Log into your online banking account. (If you don't yet have online banking access, you need to register first at stcu.org.)
  3. With your app open (or your desktop online banking account), tap the "Self-service" tab.
  4. Tap "Notify STCU of travel."
  5. Select the cards you need while traveling.
  6. Schedule your time and location of travel, and how to reach you when traveling. Submit to STCU!

That's all it takes. Your travel notice can be completed from your phone, desktop, or tablet.

No smartphone?

If you don't have a smartphone, call STCU during regular weekday business hours at (800) 858-3750 or use secure LiveChat instant messaging from your desktop.

* Travel restrictions

To protect your accounts and minimize losses, the U.S. Treasury Department and STCU currently restrict use of credit and debit cards in the following locations:

Learn more about financial sanctions from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.