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For members

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Instructions for STCU members

STCU members are eligible to use any shared branching ATM. To get started, please request access in advance from a member service representative at any STCU branch location, by instant messaging STCU on LiveChat or calling us toll-free at (800) 858-3750.

Once you've made your request for access, allow one business day before completing your one-time enrollment at a shared branching ATM. Using the shared branching ATM touchscreen:

  1. Select "Spokane Teachers CU."
  2. Enter your STCU member number.
  3. Insert any card with a magnetic stripe, where the name on the card matches the name on your STCU account.
  4. Select "Enroll" when prompted.
  5. Answer enrollment questions, as prompted.
  6. Select a shared branching personal identification number or PIN. (Use your debit card PIN, or choose a different number.)

That's it! Once you've enrolled to access shared branching ATMs, you can do all your banking a your convenience without waiting for a teller.

Instructions for guests of STCU

If you're not a member of STCU, check first with your credit union to see if it participates in the Co-Op Network of shared branching. Your credit union - not STCU - is responsible to give you access to shared branching ATMs.

  1. Once you've requested access from your credit union, allow at least one business day before trying to use a shared branching ATM.
  2. Begin by selecting "Guest Member."
  3. Enter your member number.
  4. Complete the enrollment steps, Nos. 3-6, as described above for STCU members.