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Credit reports

Credit reports The report card for adults. Is this how you feel about credit reports ¯\_(ツ ... how much influence your report can have on your life. Credit reports can affect the price of your ... credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. How do they keep score? "Payment history makes up

Federally insured

Federally insured How to insure deposits up to $2.5 million. That, we are happy to report, is true ... for $1.25 million! ... No one has ever lost a penny of federally insured deposits. ... Do your ... up to $2.5 million? That's also true. And in a moment, we'll explain how. But first, five things

Dear member

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How often should you

How often should you How often should you ...? Here's what some local experts and other sources had to say about how often you should undertake certain tasks and their related expenses. Adjust your ... . While the old rule was to change batteries twice a year, now the U.S. Fire Administration says to do

Instant-issue debit card support

. ... How do I activate my instant-issue debit card? Your new card will be activated right at your branch ... to replace a stolen, lost, or damaged card in a hurry, but also can be requested by new or existing ... , there is no charge for an instant-issue card that has been lost or stolen. A $5 replacement fee may

STCU loan payments

on your STCU auto, RV, home equity , or personal loan or on your STCU  Mastercard credit card?  Choose ... credit card or loan account you want to transfer money (make a payment) to. Principal-only payments ... payment" frequency.  Remember: principal-only payments do not replace your regular monthly

Emergency funds

. ... How do you get started? Your financial institution can help you set up a separate savings ... emergencies. You don't know they're coming ... but you kind of do. Illness. Injury. Damage to your home ... expense of $400 or more, according to a 2017 report by the Federal Reserve. Why does it matter

Changing rates

the federal funds rate, it affects how much banks and credit unions pay to borrow money. “Overall, the fed ... your credit card terms and conditions to see if your card has a fixed or variable rate. If your ... card has a fixed interest rate, and you’re currently making your monthly payments on time, then you

Lifestyle inflation

have a budget, how do you get started? STCU offers free workshops such as Budgeting 101 that may help ... and financial educator. The key, Wallis says, is to think about how you can manage your money ... between needs and wants. Do you need that $800 bike, or does your old one work just as well for your

Card controls

, you'll receive a mobile alert that lets you know when and how your card is being used, so you can ... Card controls Card controls With the tap of your phone, you can shut down unauthorized users in other cities or online from attempting to use your card to make purchases. Some of the preferences you