Online new accounts

Two minutes to choose, two minutes to open

The only way we could make it faster to open a new account is if we could somehow read your mind.

With STCU's online banking, getting a new savings, checking, money market, or certificate starts by returning to log in, visiting the "Accounts" page, and clicking the "Open an account" option.

  1. Review your account choices with our account evaluation page. Click "checking/savings" or "certificates," then select a balance level and we'll display a side-by-side rates and one-year dividends comparison.
  2. For additional account details click the buttons with the account names below the chart. Up pops even more information.
  3. Have you decided? Click the "Open one" button associated with the account you want.
  4. Pick your preferences. Give your new account a nickname and select from other options -- like length of term for certificates, whether to get a debit card for your checking, and how much to initially deposit into your savings.
  5. Read the fine print. If you care about the rules that apply to your new account, you'll find them right here. Click "I agree" a few times, and your account is open!

We've squeezed every unnecessary step out of the process. And we've extracted some steps -- like setting up joint owners or beneficiaries (coming soon) -- so that the same screens you'll use to set up those options are the ones you'll use to enter changes down the road.

Initially, online new accounts are limited to adults with personal memberships. But improvements that help minors and businesses open extra accounts online nearly as easily are on their way.

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