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Students changing the world.

A $100 grant from STCU gets student teams started.

The Hundred Dollar Project has a simple goal — to help students make the world a better place.

To support this goal, STCU periodically invites high school students to create their own teams, then dream of ways they would use $100 to have a positive effect on their communities. For some, that means organizing a fundraiser to multiply their resources. For others, it means creating an innovation to meet a need. There is no limit to the ideas for a successful project!

If a community panel of judges determines a project has merit, STCU provides a $100 grant to the team to carry out the plan. Each team has one month to complete their project, and to document the results with a short video.

The final winners are selected by an online public vote and a panel of judges. In previous contests, the winning teams won cash prizes donated by STCU:

First place — $2,500.
Second place — $1,500.
Third place — $1,000.

Only three teams can win, but every team that enters the Hundred Dollar Project helps make the world a better place!

Note: The Hundred Dollar Project is not held every year, so please check back later to learn when the next contest is scheduled.

Past winners