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Credit 2 Kids
Credit 2 Kids
Credit 2 Kids

Rocking your world!

Credit 2 Kids recognizes amazing teens for their great work in our community. Which means there are a lot of nominees — and many deserving winners.

How it works.

Teachers, students, school officials, and people just like you nominate potential Credit 2 Kids students, from which STCU then selects winners throughout the school year.

We donate $500 in the name of each winning student to their school, and winners are featured on the KREM website. In April, one school wins an additional $5,000 when STCU announces a grand prize Credit 2 Kids winner!

How to nominate.

STCU does not accept nominations directly, so please use the KREM website to nominate a deserving Credit 2 Kids student. Thanks for joining us in support of schools and deserving students!