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Photo of Mireya Mayor carrying equipment in the wilderness
Photo of Mireya Mayor carrying equipment in the wilderness
Photo of Mireya Mayor carrying equipment in the wilderness
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Mireya Mayor, primatologist and TV correspondent.

Spokane welcomed Mireya Mayor on February 20, 2019. Learn about other National Geographic Live presentations.

Former NFL cheerleader and daughter of Cuban immigrants who grew up in Miami, Mireya Mayor followed her unlikely dreams to become a respected primatologist, explorer, and Emmy Award-nominated wildlife correspondent for the National Geographic Channel. 

Mayor's adventures have taken her to some of the most remote places on Earth, armed with little more than a backpack, notebooks, and hiking boots. She's survived poisonous insect bites, been charged by gorillas and chased by elephants, but keeps going back for more.Close up photo of Mireya Mayor holding a mouse lemur.

In 2000, while on assignment in Madagascar, Mayor discovered a rare new species of mouse lemur, then believed to be the world's smallest primate. Her discovery inspired the prime minister of Madagascar to establish a national park to help protect the new species, conserving the last 10 percent of the African island nation's once vast forest.

Before you go.

National Geographic Live is not a movie; it's a speaker series.

Here are a few other things you should know before attending the next event:

  • It's family-friendly! All ages are welcomed and encouraged. 
  • Speakers will present their photographs, videos, and experiences for about 90 minutes, with no intermission.
  • Doors open one hour prior to each performance. All guests must pass through security metal detectors and bag searches. We recommend use of small purses or clutches.
  • STCU members can also purchase season tickets. See footnote below.

Dynamic events. Fascinating people. Captivating stories. Join us at National Geographic Live.

*Season tickets and assistance

STCU does not sell tickets to National Geographic Live. If you need assistance buying tickets, please call (509) 818-3438.