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Summer project to ease congestion, double the ATMs.

june 5, 2019

A summer project launched this week aims to ease vehicle congestion at STCU's Newport Branch location, while also providing a second ATM.

By summer’s end – possibly before Labor Day weekend – the location will have improved traffic flow, new pavement, and spruced-up landscaping, said David Denney, STCU project site manager.

The two full-service ATMs will stand on an island that will be created in the realigned drive-through lanes behind the branch. The work is meant to end backups that sometimes form when an STCU member or guest is using the ATM now located on the west side of the branch. Two ATMs will serve members more efficiently and reduce service interruptions that can occur when an ATM needs maintenance.

In addition, Denney said, the parking lot will be repaved and restriped, eliminating ruts and grooves that have formed since STCU moved its Newport Branch to the building in 2000. Some sidewalks and approaches will be rebuilt as well.

During construction, STCU will work to limit inconvenience to members. Plans call for keeping at least one drive-through lane open during normal hours. The existing ATM will remain in place until moved to its permanent location behind the branch. Access into the branch will be minimally restricted while the main entry walkways are rebuilt. Some work, such as large paving projects, will be done on weekends.

The general contractor for the project is J. Addington General Contractors Inc., of Coeur d’Alene.

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