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An illustration of a security padlock protecting a computer.
An illustration of a security padlock protecting a computer.
An illustration of a security padlock protecting a computer.

A new look, with more secure two-step verification.

Beginning in June, logging into online banking will look a little different. But better.

[may 26, 2021]

Sometime in June 2021, STCU is scheduled to change the look, process, and options for logging into online banking.

Your log-in experience may feel different, but don't panic. It's more secure, using a two-step verification system whenever we don't recognize your device.

For many members, the only change you'll notice is the look of the login page and the additional choice of services. For others, you'll receive a verification code to confirm your identity before you can access your accounts.

STCU is following industry standards to replace security questions, which many members struggle to remember. In addition, answers to the questions can sometimes be guessed by people who know you well.

Instead of questions to answer when you log into online banking, you may receive a randomly generated 6-digit verification code to your phone that you enter to verify your identity. That's why it's important that you always keep your contact numbers up to date at STCU.

Here are the details, showing how the new two-step verification will work in June when you log into STCU online banking: 

> Click the purple button.

Look for our purple login button at the top of your page. It will be identified as "Login" instead of "Online banking."

> Choose online banking or another service.

Once you click the purple "Login" button, you'll have the choice to log into personal accounts, business accounts, or one of our other services, as shown here:

> Enter your username and password.

Select either personal online banking or business online banking. The login page will then ask for your username and password. Enter them in the appropriate fields and click "Log in," as shown below for both desktop and mobile versions:

> Request a verification code.

Here's where things change more dramatically for some members, such as those using a new device to log into online banking.

To ensure that you're authorized to access the account, you may be asked to select the phone number we have on file for you to receive a randomly generated verification code by text or phone call. Select SMS (text) or Call, and the number of the phone you are carrying, as shown below.

(For frequent users of online banking, you can check the "Remember This Device" box so that a verification code may not be necessary in the future each time you log in. However, if you like the idea of always requiring the extra security of two-step verification, then do not check the box.)

> Enter the code!

Your request will generate a random, single-use verification code that's sent to the phone number you selected. This 6-digit code verifies that we are giving account access to only you, because you have already provided the correct username and password.

Enter the 6-digit verification code into the field provided, as shown below. Click "Verify" to submit the code and access your online banking account!

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Why is STCU changing the login system?

A: To meet the growing diversity of banking demands for individuals and businesses, we're adding new choices to the login page for individuals and businesses who may only need to pay an STCU loan from another bank account, complete their employee payroll, and so on. This makes it easier for you to quickly find and select the service you need from the login page.

At the same time, many financial institutions have learned that it's more secure to use a two-step verification system for logging into online banking accounts. Relying on the old security questions was a burden for many members, who often forgot the answers. Plus, some questions were so obvious to those who know you that they might guess the answers. Verification codes, however, are a proven method for securing access to your accounts.

Q: The login asks if I want to text the verification code to my old phone number. How do I change it so the code goes to my current phone number?

A: If you can still log yourself into online banking, go to "Self-service > Update my contact info," and  then update your phone numbers, as needed. If you can't log in, call STCU for help.

Q: Why can't I see the login screen on my computer?

A: There's a chance that you need to update your computer's operating system and/or browser before logging into online banking. Open our Technical support page for a list of compatible operating systems and browsers, screen resolutions, and programs that are compatible with STCU online banking. 

Q: My phone does not receive text. What do I do?

A: The best option is to receive a verification code by phone call or to use a “soft token,” which is a software app that can send you a verification code. (Iinstructions below.) If you can log into online banking, you can set up a soft token by yourself. If you cannot log in, please contact STCU for help.

Q: How do I set up a soft token?
Follow these steps to install an Entrust Identity app to use tokens for securely logging into STCU's online banking. You can only set this on your desktop computer, using your mobile device to receive the soft token, or verification code:

  • Open "Settings" link (located under your name in the upper right corner of the screen).
  • Click on the "Security" tab.
  • Under the Two-Factor Authentication section, click the pencil icon on the "Token" row.
  • Click open the “New Soft Token” link.
  • Follow instructions to download the Entrust Identity app from the app store to your phone.
  • Enter a nickname for the token, such as "Debbie's token."
  • Register the soft token, with a registration code provided by Entrust Identity.

Your soft token should be set up to access online banking. When prompted by STCU online banking for a token code, you will open the Entrust Identity app to get a temporary passcode to sign into online banking. The code expires after a few minutes.

Q: My phone is lost or stolen. Can someone use it to log into online banking?

A: It's possible, but unlikely. A thief would need your username and password to get to the verification code step. Please contact STCU as soon as possible if your phone or any STCU-issued cards have been lost or stolen.